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The Pirate’s Boil

Let us take you and your friends on a nautical adventure down south. Whether you love the cajun style or southern heat, let us give you a fresh take on our style of cajun seafood boil at our new flagship at The Pirates Boil. As you enter into our new anchored destination in Smryna - Vinings, take a tour, walk around, and find your place to anchor down and enjoy our spread! Whether you want to sit in our fully stocked pirate's bar or sit in the main quarters with your family and friends. We have a celebratory space filled with TVs and private dining space for those who would love to celebrate with your close friends and loved ones! Let our crew take you on seafood and experiential adventure to remember with your taste of spice, our knowledge of heat, and our culinary crew's touch. We take pride in each item we cook for you with our signature spices made to order with Cajun flavors, seafood boil, and more! Are your taste buds ready to take sail at The Pirates Boil?

Behind the Kitchen Doors with James Y

Are you ready to take sail at The Pirates Boil? Meet the Captain behind the wheel, James Y. As you may know, him welcoming you on his ship with his crew, but let's give you a taste of his  NYC journey to Atlanta! 

Many knots ago, James Y started his culinary dream with his family watching them give the taste of their Asian flare to NYC. During the years, James helped his family's business, by adding his culinary passion behind the kitchen doors at their restaurants as well as attending NYU before leaping into the corporate world. Once he graduated and entered the corporate world, he felt that something was missing, so after exploring and navigating away, he felt inspired to take a new dive into a culinary venture with his family after stumbling across the concept of boil seafood toss. His desire to give back to the community fueled his passion lead him to leave the corporate world behind and follow his entrepreneurial spirit to create a new restaurant. It was then in 2017, he took a leap of faith and set sail from NYC to Atlanta and started a new wave of culinary creations with his passion for spice, discovery, and feeding the soul of good times, laughter, and fresh seafood!

The new anchored destination will give people a fresh take of the seafood boil to check out with the base of cajun and Asian flavors fused, creating the Ultimate Boil Experience. Let his inspiration and drive be the next reason why you will dive and explore The Pirate's Boil seafood experience!